23559773_10159855313330727_4275436493705617088_nMy name is Hannah, otherwise known as Jaedia around the interwebs. Sometimes I speak like an idiot and I’m not even ashamed of it because I’m nearing 30 years old and damnit, I won’t be shamed for the things that bring me joy anymore, however stupid and small they may be! It took me a while to get there, however. I’m a longtime sufferer of the dreaded depression and anxiety, with a few self-destructive compulsions and a little agoraphobia (or something similar) thrown in for good measure. I may talk about these here, or I may not, but rest assured they are highly likely to be the reason for any long silences. I can almost always be found on Twitter and our Discord group (see my pinned tweet), though.

I enjoy fantasy and science fiction, particularly in the realms of epic fantasy, urban fantasy, magical realism, and space opera, but I love exploring good stories, regardless of genre. I enjoy all things cute, as well as mythology, folklore, anthropology, and history, plus-sized fashion, in my own way, and rock music. And in my spare time, I play video games and Dungeons & Dragons, read and collect books, listen to all sorts of music (all I can suggest is to check out my last.fm if you’re curious), craft, particularly cross stitch, though I also love colouring (I told you, no shame) and really want to get into crochet, cardmaking, scrapbooking, junk journalling, making plushies in both amigurumi and sewn form, and making my own clothes because apparently I don’t have enough hobbies. I also watch various TV shows in the above genres, including RuPaul’s Drag Race and various documentaries looking at history, culture, science, and bizarre subjects (hi Weird Obsessions!), and anime from time to time. I’m also revisiting my pagan past which is a slow reintroduction but I am thoroughly loving learning all about the origins and history of paganism, as well as what people currently believe and do in their practices, and tarot. It’s a process but it brings me joy.

So like.. I keep trying to label myself, but that label is getting pretty dang long and complicated so I gave up trying to do that a while ago. If that all sounds intriguing to you, feel free to pull up a seat and stay awhile, because I have a lot to share when I get going.



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