A few blogs I rather enjoy in no particular order. 🙂

  • Curiosity Killed the Bookworm – Longstanding book blog looking at all sorts of genre fiction.
  • Tenacious Reader – Marvellous speculative fiction book reviews and content.
  • The BiblioSanctum – Mogsy and friends thoughts on speculative fiction, graphic novels and other such things.
  • The Fantasy Hive – A collaborative fantasy site full of reviews, writing advice, and all sorts.
  • Contains Moderate Peril – Roger’s thoughts on video games, movies, pop culture and whatever else might catch his interest.
  • Tales of the Aggronaut – Regular blog posts on MMOs, geek culture, life and beyond from the delightful Belghast.
  • The Outfit Repeater – A thrifty, vintage, affordable style blog with a lot of colour and personality.
  • Fantasy-Faction – Longrunning and huge fantasy news, review, and interview site.
  • The Pewter Wolf – (Usually) YA focused book blog with super interesting perspectives.
  • Welshtroll – A Welshman with a fantastic mohawk sometimes offers thoughts on video games.
  • SoftThistle Life – The lifestyle blog of a lovely Scottish mum of two and her experiences as a single mother raising an autistic child.
  • Pizza Maid – The bright and cheerful video game blog from the otaku side of things as told by Pizza.
  • In Search of Mexican – A travel blog from the perspective of a disabled lady who just wants a good taco.
  • Gamer Girl Confessions – Chestnut’s video game thoughts, screenshots, and stream schedules.
  • Through Wolfy’s Eyes – Perhaps my bestest friend, Wolfy provides his thoughts on games with an emphasis on positivity and enjoyment.
  • Just Geeking By – One of my favourite Twitter friends’ geeky blog looking at lifestyle, beauty, nerdy subjects, chronic illness and beyond.
  • Narratess – The book review and writing blog of the lovely Tessa.
  • The Dimension Door – Starspun’s blog for worldbuilding.
  • Inventory Full – The illustrious MMORPG blogger, Bhagpuss.
  • Shards of Imagination – Rakuno is one of the softest loveliest humans and regularly blogs about video games.
  • Why I Game – Jeromai’s long-running video game blog.
  • Time to Loot – My old partner in blogging crime, Naithin, has returned with a new video game blog.

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